Monday, February 16, 2015

6 cool restaurants to go in New York!

Alice's Tea Cup
Alice's Tea Cup appeared quickly in the vlog I did for YouTube channel but i've posted about it before and you can check out the post by clicking HERE! This restaurant/café is the right option to rest, recharge and eat delicious pastries and sandwiches in a cute environment. Seriously, there's nothing bad there! Even if it is just for a chocolate chip cookie, do yourself a favor and go ! I confess that I wasnt a huge fan of the idea of drinking tea but once I was at Alice 's Tea Cup , where they Have all the flavors for tea in the world I changed my mind ! It's a success. The banana cake with Nutella is one of my favorites too !

The Viewhome_slider_tripadvisor
This made ​​the list because Its a classic in Times Square! Wanna bet?! just to get up there it's a "journey" : a trip on a panoramic elevator for 48 floors :.. the restaurant is nice ,it is in the heart of the city, has an incredible view and the most fun ? It rotates ! Yes, while you are eating ( food is good, nothing out of this world, but the view makes up for it) , it goes round . You don't feel it, but I l find it so cool to sit at the table at one point of the city and finish in front of a different one . The price is not cheap , but special occasions call for special restaurants and this is certainly one of them! More information here!

Serendipity e Cafe Lalo
I know they have a different style , but I decided to put in the same category because they were backgrounds for two movies "You've Got Mail " and " Serendipity" . The Cafe Lalo is on the Upper West Side , an area of the city that I love , full of restaurants, shops and a more familiar vibe . The brunch there is a success, I love it! the address is 201 West 83rd Street. And Serendipity I confess I have not much to say, when I went there I only tried the famous frozen hot chocolate, very good, but nothing out of this world. But is a classic and you have to try. the place is so cute too, so i decided to add to the list as well.

Ellen's Stardust
One of the best options for entertainment and good food in the same place! Right in the middle of the action, surrounded by broadway theaters is the unique Ellen's Stardust. The classic diner is famous for its talented staff, they sings and perform while you enjoy your meal! Fun for the entire family!

Trailer Parkgjgjh
I was walking around Chelsea one day looking for the famous doughnut place when I saw a toilet seat on the sidewalk. I know NY is pretty weird, but serioulsy??! Looking up I realized the toilet seat was part of the decoration for the Trailer Pakr restaurant, an interesting restaurant with delicious sweet potato fries and a very fun decor.

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